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Successful Link Building Strategies

In a recent article about effective link building strategies, we listed some tips that anyone should take into account when launching a successful link building campaign.

We have created this section for you to post your comments, share tips and add to the list. And if you have written a great article about link building, we'd love to link to your page.

Drop us a line and share your thoughts.

What We've Been Up To at Spanish SEO

It’s been a while since our last post and folks have been wondering what we have been up to. Indeed, our blog in English hasn’t been that active lately, mainly because we have been busy undertaking new personal projects and clients. There is just so much we can do the “right way” in 24 hours. We know you can easily relate to and are familiar with that!...continue

Blocking & Excluding Categories in Wordpress

WordpressSometimes we need to create a special category to feature posts or other information in the homepage or somewhere else, but don’t want it to appear in the template under the category list or get indexed by Search Engines because of potential duplicate content issues....continue

Duplicate Content Problems and Solutions

Google recently issued an official opinion regarding duplicate content in an article titled Demystifying the "duplicate content penalty." They emphasized the fact that some techniques will not cause a penalty, but instead may affect the performance of a website in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

According to a post by Google made on Monday, December 18, 2006 at 2:28 PM...continue

Did Google coerce Twitter to remove and nofollow links?

In an attempt to remove potential benefits users can get from their social media profiles, joined the crowd of companies providing services, but not allowing their users to obtain any gains, like a simple dofollow link back to their sites, for their content creation efforts.

Twitter recently removed all possibilities to pass link juice in the 'About' section by removing linking capabilities from the 'Bio' field....continue

Who Leads the Global Web Strategy, Search Marketing Firms or Translation Companies?

For years there has been dissociation between Translation/Web Globalization companies and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/Search Engine Optimization (SEO) firms in term of Internet Marketing strategies. That gap finally seems to be getting closer, yet very few companies really understand the challenges or have the expertise needed to successfully assist their clients with their global web strategies....continue

Translation and Web Globalization Companies

Interview with Aaron Wall about International SEO and Global Search Marketing

Aaron Wall - SEO Book
I have the pleasure of starting the SpanishSEO interview section with someone who is a leading voice in the SEO arena and a name I am sure many of you will know and respect as much as I do....continue

Use RSS Feeds to Build Links

One strategy for building quality inbound links is to publish your RSS feeds in a different website where you can have control over the information that is distributed.

Internal link flow can also be improved by publishing your RSS feeds in different sections of the same website....continue

Understanding Search Behavior and Search Engine Technology

SearcherSearch can be a complex process depending on the Search Engine, search modifiers, and other factors. Each Search Engine has different parameters that affect the retrieval of information.

Similarly, searchers' behaviors are diverse and can only be perceived through the purpose of their searches, intention, time and interpretation of the queries....continue

Using Google Groups to Spam Google Rankings?

Recently, I was looking for information related to to write a post about the future and potential of a localized American version of In the process I run into an interesting spamming situation that involved this Country-Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD)....continue

How to Identify User-Agents and IP Addresses for Blocking Bots and Crawlers

In a prior post I explained the main reasons why to block undesirable bots, scrapers and crawlers in order to prevent content stealing, malware injection, and vulnerability scanning in a website. If you haven’t read that post I encourage you to do so.

One of the solutions provided was a change to the .htaccess file to block crawlers based on User-Agent or IP Address. As a result, folks were asking me how to identify which User-Agent (UA) or IP Address to block?...continue

Domain Names Move Towards Geo Targeting and Multi Languages

ICANNOne of the most transcendental changes in the last forty years of Internet history is about to happen in the second quarter of 2009 after ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, approves the implementation plan to add many new names to the Internet....continue

Practical Solutions for Blocking Spam, Bots and Scrapers

Spam has become a major problem for many of us that deal with content development on a regular basis. It takes different forms, affects performance and compromises the security of a site.

There are bots that specialize in spamming by inserting links and unsolicited information in input fields and forms of websites. The comment section of a blog, subscription or price match forms in eCommerce sites are very susceptible to these types of attacks....continue

How to Geo Target Your Site with Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Trends Analyst Susan Moskwa made a video presentation titled Geo target Your Site with Google Webmaster Tools, in which she explained the basics needed to associate a website with a particular country in order to enhance its presence in the local search results.

According to Susan, Google used to (and still does) look at a couple of signals to determine where a site was located or what particular region belonged to. Those signals included:...continue

  1. The server location of the website.
  2. The Top Level Domain (TLD).

Three Quick Tips for Multilingual Keyword Research

The importance of proper keyword research goes beyond simple guessing and testing. It can be a complex task that encompasses a methodical process, that once completed, can set the foundation for ongoing International Search Engine Optimization.

The following are three things to consider when doing multilingual keyword research....continue

1. Define the language coverage: Universal vs. Localized